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carabus .eu is mainly dedicated to Carabidae, but also to other beetles like Cicindelidae, Cetonidae, Cerambycidae, Tenebrionidae ..etc

Some species of Carabus are well known by the shining of their colours (Chrysotribax, Chrysocarabus, Coptolabrus, Carabus...), other by their elegant  figures (Chaetocarabus, Tribax, Platycarabus...) or remarkable nature of their morphology which results, for example, from an adaptation to a special diet (Cathaicus, Pantophyrtus..) without forgetting the giants of the Carabus species: still covetted and admired Procerus, Macrothorax, Apotomopterus, Imaibius, Cechenus, Megodontus, Procrustes...

Besides the Carabus, the Carabidae consist of Cychrus, Calosoma, Pamborus, Ceroglossus and various tribes of often small size carabids:Pterostichus, Bembidions, Nebria...

Above, Omphreus kruperi, photograph taken by Philippe Roux (Paris) in the Vytina forest - Greece